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Senior Presentation Night Results

Senior Presentation Night Results

The Roxburgh Park Football Club Presentation Night was held on Saturday 7th October at the Meadows and it was a great night celebrating our achievements in 2017. The list of Best and Fairest and award winners is below:

Seniors Best and Fairest

1st Place - Harley Short - 68 Votes

2nd Place - Jack Elliot - 53 Votes

3rd Place - Mark Sabatino and Carlos Ardon - 40 Votes

Other senior award winners were:

Most Consistent - Adrian McKinnon

Most Disciplined - Matthew Dalpiaz

Coaches Award - Hayden Farrelly

Leading Goalkicker - Tumay Hamza

Reserves Best and Fairest

1st Place - Chadie Helou - 52 Votes

2nd Place - Nathan Schultz - 42 Votes

3rd Place - Jovan Naidoo - 40 Votes

Other Reserves award winners were:

Consistent Players -Adam Lamanna, MazinAbbouchi, Jihad Mourad

Leading Goalkicker - Belal Mustapha

Best in Finals - Aaron Szwedyc

Womens Best and Fairest

1st Place - Tricia Devine - 106 Votes

2nd Place - Emily Thurau-Clayton - 67 Votes

3rd Place - Tamara Youkhanis - 34 Votes

Other Women's award winners were:

Best Club Woman - Chloe Dinuccio

Best First year player - Letitia Gordon

Most Determined - Sarah Cranston

Most Courageous - Allara Reynolds

Thirds Best and Fairest

1st Place - Hayden Worth and Josh Amott - 31 Votes

2nd Place - Tyler McNair - 28 Votes

3rd Place - Mark Cassar - 27 Votes

Other Thirds award winners were:

Most Determined - Yasin Erdem

Most Courageous - Nathan Jones

Most Consistent - Joshua Rizzo

Under 19's Best and Fairest

1st Place - Travis Cooke - 47 Votes

2nd Place - Tylar Sorrentino - 43 Votes

3rd Place - Kyle Aspel - 37 Votes

Other Under 19's award winners were:

Most Dedicated - Lachlan Morelli

Most Consistent - Michael Gorgievski

Coaches Award - Brodie White

Leading Goalkicker - Peter Rubeidis

Best in Finals - Travis Cooke

Other Club Awards

The winner of the Rising Star Award was Jack Elliot

The winner of the Best Clubman award was Belinda Howson

The winner of the prestegious Jellal Sleiman award was Tumay Hamza

Congratulation to all of our winners and here's to an even bigger 2018

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