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The Swoop - Episode 14. Scott Poynter

Jul 19th 9:09PM

The latest swooping victim has been announced and it's young gun Scott Poynter.

Fresh off a weeks "holiday" following a tame bump in the seniors game, Scott has stepped up to the plate to let us know what's going on inside the magpies nest. Fair to say there is a bit of payback for Brock following his recent swooping

Watch the video via our YouTube channel HERE


Jul 17th 4:34PM

Disco Bingo.JPG


Get your groove thing on this Saturday night at the club as we launch our first ever night of Disco Bingo!

$15 PP entry - pay at the door. Bring your own chips/lollies/ snacks and enjoy drinks at bar prices. There will be prizes throughout the night so get your backside Lakeside!

The Swoop - Episode 13. Brock McLarty

Jul 7th 7:09PM

Fresh off a senior game last week against Coburg Districts, today we've swooped on Under 17s gun Brock Mclarty​. The McLarty boys have both been having great seasons, which seems to be directly related to being swooped! Let's see what Brock digs up on his mates in Episode 13 of "The Swoop"

Watch the video via our YouTube channel HERE

PS - Nice women's jumper Brock!

EDFL AGA Rising Star - Ryan Micallef

Jun 28th 12:13PM

Congratulations Ryan Micallef for being named the EDFL Rising Star this week.

Read the article here:


The Swoop - Episode 12. Brandon McLarty

Jun 26th 6:10PM

This week we've swooped Mr. Camera time himself - the only man who takes a grab then looks around to see if the cameras are on him - Mr. Brandon McLarty​. Having made his senior debut this year after working his way through the junior ranks, we're sure there will be much more camera time to come for Brandon. Let's see who he has in his sights on this weeks episode of The Swoop

Watch the video via our YouTube channel HERE

Eid Celebrations

Jun 25th 1:18PM
To all of those at the club celebrating Eid this weekend, we hope you enjoy your celebrations and enjoy this time with your families.
May the day delight and the moments measure all the special joys for all of you to treasure. May the year ahead be fruitful too, for your home and family and specially for you.Eid.jpg